Time For A Spring Check-Up

Spring is here and it’s time to order new lighting from American Outdoor Accent Lighting & Have A Check-up For Existing Outdoor Lighting.

You can see it everywhere…Spring is in full bloom.  At AOAL,  we are advising all of our customers, that we are once again headed for a hot Texas summer.

Have you had your outdoor landscape lighting maintenance done yet? If it’s been longer than six months, now’s the time to schedule a maintenance check. Due to the high humidity and soaring temperatures, landscape lighting maintenance is an annual or bi-annual maintenance item which includes walking the property looking for system damage, full system testing, and a report of necessary repairs and system status.

Here’s are a few thing you should consider when requesting service maintenance for your outdoor accent lighting.

Make A List of Accent Lighting Not Working-

  • All lights not working
  • Lights need adjusted or re-positioned
  • Moisture
  • Lights come on at the wrong time
  • Some lights are not working
  • Clock time/photo cell not working
  • Lights are damaged
  • Other/Unsure

What Needs Repair?

  • In-ground well lights (moonlighting)
  • Accent bullets (directional)
  • Step lights
  • Path lights
    American Outdoor Accent Lighting is accepting appointments – visit here to request a visit or call (832) 588-7774 for immediate assistance.