LED Lighting

LED Lighting installations league City TXAs lighting technology has improved, new options are now available. These options- LED Lights- provide many cost-savings as well as energy efficiency.

LED landscape lighting technology has advanced significantly in recent years, making it the optimum outdoor light solution both aesthetically and financially. With the right LED quality, system design and operating environment, you could see significant energy savings with a burn life of 40,000 hours!!!!

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LED lights slowly lose intensity over a long period of time. When a LED landscape lighting fixture is rated at 40,000 hours it means it will lose 30% of its intensity over the 40,000 hours. The human eye cannot recognize the change in brightness until the LED dims 30%. This means these lights will actually last for about 17 years.

The color of our new LED. lamps is no longer a blue-white, but a pure bright “warm white”- replicate the warm light of standard halogen and incandescent light.


  • Stunning curb appeal
  • Enhances overall enjoyment of outdoor evenings
  • Visual image of a more secure home
  • Your home will always look occupied
  • Well lit walkways and paths are safer
  • Earth-friendly because you use 75% less energy
  • Adds value to your home, especially at resale time.

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