Do We Offer A Lighting Demonstration?
Yes. This is new for us and our clients… but our lighting installers will come out to your property and install lighting in an area with the wires above ground. Later, when the sun goes down, we will be at your home to demonstrate the installation by turning on and moving around fixtures to show how our lights will add beauty and function to your property.

No hard sell from us. The only reason we offer our Free demo is help you see an example of what can be done and what it will look like. You’re in the drivers seat through the entire demonstration.

Do We Supply Or Rent Lights?
The quick answer is Yes. At American Outdoor Lighting we offer several options for the convenience of our customers. It’s best to call us so we can recommend the perfect option for your situation. Please call us with your questions… 832-588-7774.

Do We Offer Christmas Lighting?
Yes we do. We provide and install Christmas & Holiday lighting using traditional or LED lights.

American Outdoor Lighting provides all materials including lights, cords, timers, etc.

Do We Store Lights After The Season Is Over?

Who Do We Install Lights For?
Our clientele is varied, but the simple answer is we are residential & commercial outdoor lighting specialist. Our customers include residential, commercial, Homeowner Associations,  clubhouses, event lighting like weddings & celebrations.

We’re known for our energy saving low voltage landscape lighting installations. If you can visualize it, we can make your vision reality.

When Do We Start Hanging Christmas/Holiday Lights?
Typically, we start in October and the lights can be turned on anytime after the installation is completed. Removal starts January 1st unless otherwise specified.

What Sort Of Payment Options Are Offered?
We accept cash, check and all major credit cards.