Time For A Spring Check-Up

Spring is here and it’s time to order new lighting from American Outdoor Accent Lighting & Have A Check-up For Existing Outdoor Lighting.

You can see it everywhere…Spring is in full bloom.  At AOAL,  we are advising all of our customers, that we are once again headed for a hot Texas summer.

Have you had your outdoor landscape lighting maintenance done yet? If it’s been longer than six months, now’s the time to schedule a maintenance check. Due to the high humidity and soaring temperatures, landscape lighting maintenance is an annual or bi-annual maintenance item which includes walking the property looking for system damage, full system testing, and a report of necessary repairs and system status.

Here’s are a few thing you should consider when requesting service maintenance for your outdoor accent lighting.

Make A List of Accent Lighting Not Working-

  • All lights not working
  • Lights need adjusted or re-positioned
  • Moisture
  • Lights come on at the wrong time
  • Some lights are not working
  • Clock time/photo cell not working
  • Lights are damaged
  • Other/Unsure

What Needs Repair?

  • In-ground well lights (moonlighting)
  • Accent bullets (directional)
  • Step lights
  • Path lights
    American Outdoor Accent Lighting is accepting appointments – visit here to request a visit or call (832) 588-7774 for immediate assistance.

Energy & Sustainability

Sustainability Benefits of Low-Voltage Lighting

For the past several years, Houston consumers have become increasingly aware of the impacts that our purchase decisions can have on the environment.  As many of you know, the conventional incandescent light bulbs are being phased out in accordance with the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007.  First, the 100 watt light bulb was phased out in early 2012 and the 75 watt was phased out in 2013.  According to VDE – the Association of Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies, California will phase out the use of incandescent bulbs by 2018 (VDE Global Services, 2013).

Many landscape light fixtures still use high wattage incandescent and halogen light bulbs and lamps.  Environmentally conscientious consumers are continually searching for new ways to reduce their carbon footprints and switching to low-voltage light bulbs and lamps is an easy and impactful start.


Low-voltage LED Lighting vs. Halogen and Incandescent

When choosing a low-voltage outdoor lighting system for your Houston area home, one of the major components to consider is whether to use LED lamps and fixtures, or to use fixtures with traditional halogen and incandescent lamps.

Modern low-voltage outdoor lighting fixtures for your Galveston/Houston residence are available as integrated LED fixtures and traditional fixtures can be outfitted with retrofit LED lamps.  This doesn’t mean that halogen and incandescent fixtures are not being used anymore, however, when it comes to energy efficiency and performance there are many advantages to using LED lamps in your residential outdoor lighting system.

When it comes to energy efficiency and longevity of your low-voltage lighting system lamps, LED is definitely the way to go.   LED lamps can operate using as little as 20% of the energy that your traditional halogen and incandescent lamps consume.  This plays a big part in lowering the annual energy costs you have associated with operating your Houston, TX outdoor lighting system.

LED lamps also last much longer than traditional halogen and incandescent lamps.  Halogen and incandescent lamps last an average of 1000 to 5000 operating hours.  This means that these lamps will need to be replaced anywhere from 6 months to 2 years depending on how long you run your system at night.  LED lamps are rated as high as 40 to 50,000 hours meaning you will not have to replace an LED Lamp for at least 8 to 12 years or more.   This lessens the cost in replacing costly halogen and incandescent lamps which is also and advantage to using LED.

For low-voltage outdoor lighting systems in LEague City, the clear choice is using LED lamps and fixtures for your residential home.   For an energy efficient low-voltage outdoor lighting system, contact KC Elite Landscape Lighting for all your residential landscape lighting needs!